Zotero Hands On Start

Hands-on example with the library on this site

    Using Zotero (Standalone) with the Firefox Connector and Zotero Word or LibreOffice extension - to suit the word processor you prefer.

      1. Open the library and select the "Full Bibliography list"
      2. Enter search term, e.g.  "taro”, into the search box

    Biblio / Library web site

      1. A list of references will show - Click the yellow Zotero 'folder' icon "Save to Zotero (COinS)" on the Firefox toolbar and a box pops up with the records for that page. Select which records are needed  - Check the relevant collection folder is selected in Zotero and then return to Library (Bibliography list), and click the "OK" button on the popup to save to the Zotero collection folder.

      1. The selected reference(s) will be saved to Zotero

    1. Alternatively, to view and save a single record - click the "magnifier” to view the record. The Zotero icon "Save to Zotero (Embedded Metadata)" on the Firefox toolbar will change to represent the type of item being viewed, e.g. Book, Journal Article etc)  - Check the relevant collection folder is selected in Zotero and then return to Library and click the icon in the URL bar to save the reference 'metadata' (Title, author, date publisher etc) to Zotero.

    View and save single record

    Cite from Zotero

    1. With Zotero running in the background, open your word processor to write your document. (This example uses LibreOffice)

    2. Citations can be added by selecting "Add/Edit Citation' from the Zotero toolbar (In MSWord, the Toolbar can be located under the menu "Add ins”)
    3. The first window to appear on a new document is the "Document Preferences” which allows us to select the citation / bibliography style and some other options - the defaults are usually fine for these.

    Add Zotero citation

      1. Next a pop-up box appears to select the citation - It will be either a short cut bar or a fuller "classic view” according to your Zotero preferences. The Classic View gives more detail and can be easily selected from the shortcut bar by clicking the down arrow.

        Add Zotero citation

        All the references and citation options are visible with the Classic view - just select and "OK"

    Add Zotero citation

    1. Citations and styles can be edited / changed at any time from the toolbar.

    2. The Bibliography or Reference list is inserted at the cursor point when the "Insert Bibliography” icon is clicked.Add Bibliography

    Zotero has many capabilities for citation and in managing our document bibliography. There are many "citation styles” available and an editor is included to create your own style if necessary.

    Zotero integrates very well with this library, as well as many other online reference sources.

    Last modified: Friday, 24 November 2017, 12:10 PM